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Empowering and accelerating the female pursuit of more than just STEAM fields, either recreationally or professionally through conversation, education, outreach, sponsorship, and networking.

Our Vision

Transforming the world to support women to pursue careers and lifestyles that step away from the traditional. It’s OUR time.

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Whether you choose to give your time or finances, your investment changes lives. Find out more.

Our Purpose

The time is right for women everywhere to evolve their passions into their own unique expressions of careers and lifestyles unrestricted by traditions, glass ceilings or any other limitations. Abingdon Foundation strives to influence, encourage and embolden women in their pursuits of extraordinary lives through sponsorships, community outreach & networking opportunities.


Ensuring that young women have the tools and connections they need to succeed.


Community Outreach

Women inspiring women to do more and be more… in your hometown!

Networking Opportunities

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.


of pilots are women


Bachelors Degrees in Computer Science earned by women


of Scientists & Engineers are women minorities


of Fortune 500 CEOs are women (2017)


Adrenaline Sports

Elite athletes, rock climbers, ultra marathoners, base jumpers, skydivers, and X Game sports are not for the tame of heart or weak of mind. Women are powering through with endurance and skill. But they’re not always recognized for the achievements they make. While men are often heralded in the media, women are setting amazing records. And these women support you taking on these adventures too.


Hunger is a continually growing epidemic. 43% of the world’s agricultural labor force are women, but they are not often given the education, resources, rights or the voice to affect positive change. Whether you prefer your own backyard garden or a 200 acre farm, growing food is a skill that helps the world. Besides, making your own jams, or eating your own corn from your yard is some of the best tasting food you will have!


Don’t be misunderstood, ladies- the arts are still trying to achieve gender equity. From the Hollywood #5050 movement to young arts education programs, women have too many barriers yet to break. Women may seem front and center on stage or in dance, but the numbers don’t show parity in gallery ownership, graphic design, choreography, and other artistic fields.


The aviation industry is open to all who seek its thrills and adventures. There are never two days the same and so many talented females engage in varying roles. From Flight Dispatcher to Airline Captain, Airport Operations Specialist to Fueler, Private Pilot to Flight Attendant, there is a valued place for all who work in aviation. Aim high….


From coding to engineering, women are increasing in number of computer scientists, but the numbers aren’t growing rapidly enough. Without more CS women to look up to, younger girls can’t envision themselves in these positions. But opportunities for connection and education are increasing! More female involvement is needed because these are the jobs that are among the highest paying and influentially transforming on our world today and in the future. Code on, ladies.

Construction / Heavy Equipment

Who wants to work at a desk job when you can work outdoors with your hands (and with the help of power tools!)? Constructing something from nothing provides a great feeling of accomplishment. You can’t help but be proud of what you do. And who wouldn’t want to drive a bulldozer at least once in their lifetime?

Director / Producer

Move over Weinstein, women are producing more and more films and the box office is seeing a higher percentage of films with strong leading female roles as a result. Also in the music industry, women are creating new beats daily, and worldwide, music has never been so eclectic.


Women divers are contributing to the global exploration of the sea and leading the search for understanding and innovation of our underwater world. Since 71% of our planet is covered in water, divers are pioneers in the science, geography, and innovation required to understand this earth. Women divers set records, share the sport, and contribute to our understanding of the ecosystems around us in ways unlike ever before. Ladies, it’s time to dive.


Drone operators are more than pilots, more than technicians, more than engineers. We are camerawomen, statistical advisors, real estate experts, agricultural conservationists, and stuntwomen. Drones are everywhere and do everything. And women are leading the direction of this booming industry.


Women in engineering have gone as far back as 400 CE (Hypatia of Alexandria is credited with inventing the hydrometer) and have continued to make strides in agricultural, environmental, biomedical, structural, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Now with famous toys like GoldieBlox, little girls are getting exposure earlier in life to the amazing world of engineering!


Some of the most prominent equestrians in the world are women. This regal sport requires elegance, maturity, and discipline. More and more women are showing, riding, and jumping – and women are the backbone of equestrian teams. Veterinarians, teams, coaches, and show women are the future of this rigorous sport.


Let’s get rid of the “gamer boy” stereotype. eSports are a competitive, analytic, and serious profession. And women are starting to make a name for themselves in the trade. Major competitions and millions of dollars are on the line. Is this a field you could excel in? Perhaps, ladies, this is your game.


Historically, the conservative watch making industry has been run by men only. That said, women are now leading renowned watch companies such as USA’s Abingdon Co. and Switzerland’s Boucheron and Jaeger LeCoultre. It’s TIME for women to get involved in this beautiful and complicated side of the jewelry industry.


Keeping our neighborhoods safe is a worldwide concern. Women have proven invaluable in law enforcement, relying more on communication than force to defuse dangerous situations. Currently, only 13% of police officers are women, and even fewer in leadership roles. Imagine how the narrative could change with more women using their unique perspectives to keep the peace.


Machinists, Production Controllers, Lab Managers, Shipping Coordinators and more: Manufacturing covers a wide range of skills that women excel at when they pursue these roles. Even for hobbyists who build kit cars or experimental aircraft, women who manufacture have a brilliant mind for detail and planning!


Women make up less than 15% of the Armed Forces. Women are now able to serve in combat roles and have broken barriers in other positions as well. Senior leadership is increasingly filled by females in each service as we continue to serve and lead in demanding military environments.


What does it mean to be a woman in racing? It means powering up and setting an example for participants and spectators worldwide. Whether cars, bikes, or other racing machines, women are advancing the motorsports both professionally and recreationally. Maria Teresa de Filippis was the first female to start a Formula One race at the 1958 Belgian Grand Prix, and Danica Patrick broke barriers everywhere. Race on, ladies!


Take the helm, ladies! The sailing sports and careers are increasingly supportive of female mariners. From racing to cruising, women are making their mark on the waves. Influential women in maritime jobs and sports aren’t often highlighted, and the career can be stressful without role models. But influential women on the sea are ready for their story to be told and their ranks to expand.


It’s only been recently that girls and young women have been encouraged to participate in STEAM fields. And the careers are immensely rewarding. Discoveries shape the way our world will work tomorrow and we can’t afford to leave curious and intellegent women behind because they may not know about or have a mentor in the sciences.

Shooting / Tactical / Outdoors

Ladies, get ready to shoot. 31% of women have guns, and shooting sports are competitive and evolving- just like the women who participate in them. Women are the fastest-growing segment of tactical outdoor shooting sports, and we excel at the sports. The gun industry is changing to meet the needs of their most valued audience: women.


On June 16, 1963, aboard Vostok 6, Soviet Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to travel into space. On June 18, 1983, Sally Ride broke that gender barrier in America. The inspiring real story behind the movie, Hidden Figures, highlighted the amazing accomplishments of black female mathematicians at NASA. Women have been at the forefront of the space race all along, and there is so much yet to discover!

Bringing Possibilities to Women Worldwide

The 2018/2019 “It’s About Time” Sponsorships will be awarded to a young woman who will receive a full registration to a leading industry conference (such as Women in Aviation International, Heli Expo, DEMA, etc.) including round trip airfare, room and board during the conference. Along with first access to seminars and multiple networking opportunities, we will introduce the winners to key people in their industries who will share their experiences. Applicants are not required to be pilots, divers or even be established in the associated industries. The goal is to invite someone to see all of the different avenues of their fields (i.e. aviation includes: engineering to aerobatics to maintenance and airlines).

Apply Today at hello@abingdonfoundation.org in any innovative way. The bolder, the better! We focus on desire, energy, and alignment with our mission. You must also fill out this form: APPLICATION.

We have awarded 3 sponsorships for 2018 and will award 6 sponsorships for 2019. These sponsorships are awarded internationally and there are no pre-requisites like flight time, number of dives, resumes, or accomplishments that are required.

Application Due Dates:

2018 WAI Conference (Aviation Industry) – 2018 Sponsorship already awarded

2018 Heli Expo (Helicopter Industry) – 2018 Sponsorship already awarded

2018 DEMA (SCUBA Dive Industry) – 2018 Sponsorship already awarded

2019 Heli Expo (Helicopter Industry) – 2019 Sponsorship unavailable

2019 WAI Conference (Aviation Industry) – 2019 Sponsorship already awarded

2019 DEMA (SCUBA Dive Industry) – 08/13/2019 23:59 PST

2019 Motorsports Show (Motorsports Industry) – TBD

2019 Survival Course (Outdoor Tactical and/or Nautical Industries) – TBD

"I learnt lessons, like the need to have business cards, the importance of networking and the integration of the word ‘awesome' into the Irish language.....It's a great word to be fair!"

Orla O’Dea (Ireland) Award Recipient for 2014

"Abingdon, getting to come to this conference right after getting my PPL was absolutely perfect and so timely. Not only was the conference one of those ‘far, far better things’, but also opened a lot of possibilities and encouraged me in so many ways. Thank you for offering this scholarship!"

Jessica Richardson (United States) Award Recipient for 2016

"I have been deeply moved by my experiences, peaked desire to fly and the empowerment of women through the WAI conference of 2017. It has been pivotal and extremely wonderful!"

Audrey Swatson (Ghana) Award Recipient for 2017

“I plan to have a successful career in helicopter aviation and to someday serve as a mentor to women coming up in the field. As your scholarship recipient, and someone who uses your product daily, I do feel in ways like a representative of your company and I intend to make you proud.”

Holley Gardel (United States) Award Recipient for 2018

“I can say I have begun the greatest adventure of my life by pursuing my dream of being a pilot. However, I also understand that a purposeful life reaches out a giving-hand to another.”

Khodani Davhana  (South Africa) Award Recipient for 2018

Our Team

Abingdon Mullin

Abingdon Mullin


“Since I was 14, I’ve wanted to be a pilot – but it wasn’t until I was 22 that I met my first female pilot. 8 years is too long for a young girl to meet someone that inspires.”

Natalie Berman

Natalie Berman


“I love being an Airbus Captain, but it was difficult to achieve without guidance. Abingdon Foundation will change that!”

Kristi Cherry

Kristi Cherry


Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it goes on flying anyway.” by Mary Kay Ash

Julie McReynolds

Julie McReynolds

“It is implausible that there are still so many fields that women are underrepresented in. I’m happy to be a part of Abingdon Foundation and help drive that change.”

Dr. Bethany Miller

Dr. Bethany Miller

“Success is building a community of women achieving boundaryless careers, like serving in the military and STEAM fields.”

Denise Wiktor

Denise Wiktor

“I remember when some careers were not options for women. Abingdon helps women make the connections to guide them into their dream career.”

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