Women divers are contributing to the global exploration of the sea and leading the search for understanding and innovation of our underwater world. Since 71% of our planet is covered in water, divers are pioneers in the science, geography, and innovation required to understand this earth. Women divers set records, share the sport, and contribute to our understanding of the ecosystems around us in ways unlike ever before. Ladies, it’s time to dive!

DEMA Conference!

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Below surface, women divers make advances

Women who explore the underwater world can plunge into several Upper Keys events this month.

Women Dive Day, launched by the PADI dive-certification agency in 2015, offers aquatic expeditions in Key Largo and a special Saturday, July 21, “Diving Divas” presentation at the History of Diving Museum, mile marker 83, bayside, followed by a dive.

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‘Girls That Scuba’ Attempt Female Divers World Record In Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

“A group of 48 women from the largest community of female scuba divers, “Girls That Scuba,” have attempted to set a new world record for the largest number of female scuba divers diving together in a single dive.”

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The Women at the Bottom of the Ocean

“When Kimi Werner slips to the bottom of the ocean, she looks for the light. “I steal glances up at the sun,” she says. “It’s just magic, the way it dances across everything.” On a single breath of air—one meant to last almost five minutes underwater—she lets herself drop down to 150 feet, the flickers of sunlight slowly dimming.

The deeper she goes, the more the pressure increases, the ocean tightening around her. But rather than resist it, she embraces it. “At first, it would make me feel kind of uncomfortable, but once I relaxed into it, I just felt so good—the ocean would just squeeze me and hold me and hug me the deeper that I went.””

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Rosheen Khan

A Karachi teenager joins a scuba diving course to find freedom underwater and, a decade later, becomes Pakistan’s first certified female scuba diving instructor.

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A still from The Mermaid of Churna Island

10 Female Underwater Photographers to Follow on Instagram

“With March 8th marking International Women’s Day, it seems like a fitting time to reflect on the amazing things female underwater photographers are doing all around the globe. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Instagram pages from female photogs. Some are up-and-coming, while others are long-established denizens of the deep. All are inspiring.”

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Meet 'Her Deepness' - the 82-year-old deep sea diver who spent two weeks living under water

“At 82, Earle is America’s most distinguished oceanographer and marine biologist, and now its most fervent champion for ocean conservation. She estimates that in the time since her first dive, aged 16 – clamping on a sponge-diver’s helmet and descending 30ft to the bottom of the Weeki Wachee River in Florida – she has spent close to a year underwater, at times for 14 days at a stretch, living on the bottom of the ocean in research installations.”

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Diving in the Gulf of California, October 2017

Women make up 30 percent of certificated scuba divers in Turkey

“Of around 200,000 certificated scuba divers in Turkey, only 30 percent are women, Turkish Underwater Sports Federation Scuba Diving Board Member Engin Kondul has said.

Kondul said it is mostly university students and working women above the age of 30 who are able to engage actively in scuba diving.”

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Women make up 30 percent of certificated scuba divers in Turkey, board member says



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