Drone operators are more than pilots, more than technicians, more than engineers. We are camerawomen, statistical advisors, real estate experts, agricultural conservationists, and stuntwomen. Drones are everywhere and do everything. And women are leading the direction of this booming industry.


Why Women Are the Future of the Drone Industry

“It’s time for another industry dominated by men to make some room.

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Meet the Illinois Woman Who’s Proving Drones Aren’t Just for Dudes

“Only 4 percent of all FAA-drone remote pilot certifications are held by women, a Beacon Sky Survey found. Plus, industry insiders say the vast majority of civilian drones are sold to men.

But one Illinois woman has set out to prove that drone enthusiasts aren’t just a boys club. After becoming interested in the drone sector in 2015, Sharon Rossmark soon noticed the glaring lack of women at drone conferences she attended.”

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Women in Drones at InterDrone: Honorees Announced

“Emerald Expositions, the largest operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States, announced plans today for InterDrone’s fourth annual Women in Drones Luncheon, a special event it spearheaded in 2015 and has quickly grown into a model for networking in the commercial drone industry.”

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Meet the Drone Girls: Awesome Female Drone Photographers Around the Globe

“Drone photography is on the rise internationally. As UAVs evolve and become more readily available, the popularity of mesmerizing birds-eye imagery grows. So too does the number of female drone photographers.”

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Women And Drones and Drone360 Magazine Announce 2017 Top Women to Watch in UAS

“Women And Drones and Drone360 Magazine just announced their very first list of Women to Watch in UAS.”

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Latvia's Tech Hub Of Riga Is Leading The Way For Women...And Drones

“Outgoing TechChill CEO Marija Rucevska has been a great lodestone for women in the Latvian tech scene, to the extent that earlier this month she even handed over the running of the event to another woman, Kristine Kornilova.

Rucevska will continue to be a member of the TechChill board, but is impassioned about ‘a woman’s place’ in the country.”

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How is the Commercial Drone Alliance Helping to Remove Barriers for End Users?

“As the co-chair of the Commercial UAV Expo advisory board, Gretchen West is currently working with organizations that range from Intel to AT&T to Facebook to BP to create a conference program that showcases what it means to utilize drones to perform a variety of tasks faster, cheaper and safer.”

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Women and Drones

“WomenAndDrones.com is the largest online platform for women in the UAS industry. We enable women to connect, collaborate and make global business connections to grow their network.”

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Women of Commercial Drones

Women of Commercial Drones serves as a forum to come together to discuss challenges, share achievements and collaborate on ways to help mentor professionals and younger generations of women.
Commercial drone development and sales are on the rise, but the number of women in leadership positions, whether in the drone industry or more generally in technology, is not. With a specific focus on women interested in commercial enterprise/business with drones, we want to encourage women to be bold in pursuit of their careers in this market. The commercial drone industry will benefit as a result of increased gender diversity. Let’s elevate the conversation and have some fun supporting each other!

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