Women in engineering have gone as far back as 400 CE (Hypatia of Alexandria is credited with inventing the hydrometer) and have continued to make strides in agricultural, environmental, biomedical, structural, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Now with famous toys like GoldieBlox, little girls are getting exposure earlier in life to the amazing world of engineering!

National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine

“We have compiled this directory of statistical sources to serve as a resource for discussions of women in science and engineering. Although these data highlight the success women have had in increasing the number of degrees earned by women in science and engineering, it also shows how this success has yet to be completely translated into the S&E workforce. As with all data, it is important to look for true trends. For example, when all the S&E disciplines are aggregated, it is easy to overlook both the advances in education attainment women have made in the life sciences, as well as the continuing challenges women face in some of the physical sciences and engineering fields. To avoid this, we have tried to include data analyzed by field of study whenever possible.”

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