Historically, the conservative watch making industry has been run by men only. That said, women are now leading renowned watch companies such as USA’s Abingdon Co. and Switzerland’s Boucheron and Jaeger LeCoultre. It’s TIME for women to get involved in this beautiful and complicated side of the jewelry industry.

Hipster Horologist

“We talk to hipster horologist, Rebecca Struthers, one of the most exciting talents in the watch industry, about being a woman in a man’s world and why chocolate bars shouldn’t be gendered…

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Women in watches: five leading ladies in the watch industry

There’s no question watches are big business. While major markets such as the mainland are leveling, exports of Swiss watches are still above average and the women’s sector is on the rise. According to World Watch Report, the industry’s leading market research group, sales of women’s timepieces rose by more than 7 percent last year.

Luxury watch brands are showing greater appreciation for the role women can play in the industry as consumers and decision-makers. 

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Art of Horology

“The Art of Horology Project is a nonprofit workshop curriculum created by Steven Richardson. His mission is to increase the awareness for the profession of watchmaking and the art of horology to his students. To foster a depth of mind and passion for watchmaking through it’s artistry and skill set. His own professional journey naturally lead him into the role of educator and mentor, teaching crucial skills and principles of business management and operations. Students go through a rigorous curriculum focused on the history and craft of watch making, emphasizing an understanding of horology and giving them the tools and resources to meet their unique potentials. Subjectively, the practice increases a sharp mental focus, discipline, conscientiousness, and a deepened sense of self-worth through accomplishment and risk-taking. Funding this project will help to acquire more resources and tools to administer the curriculum, enabling students to design and make a watch in its entirety by hand. The Art of Horology is dedicated to the education and advancement of horological studies and the craft of watchmaking. “

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A Feminist Movement By Tracey Llewellyn

“Female master watchmakers are a rare breed, but we track down one of the best, who is setting standards to which others can aspire”

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American Watch & Clock Institute

“For more than 50 years, the members of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) have been providing the highest quality of care and service for watches and clocks. “

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Horology: The Index

“A list of Organizations for Professional & Commercial Members”

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