Abingdon Foundation Sponsorships


Bringing Possibilities to Women Worldwide

The It’s About Time Sponsorships are overseen by The Abingdon Foundation and award one full registration to one of three Industry Conferences, round trip airfare, and room and board during the conference to a woman 18 years of age or older. Along with first access to seminars and multiple networking opportunities, we will introduce the winner to key people in their industry who will share their experiences. Applicants are not required to be pilots, divers or in the aviation or dive industries. The goal is to invite someone to see all of the different avenues of her chosen industry (i.e. aviation includes: engineering to aerobatics to maintenance to airlines).

Prove It.

The criteria are simple. The applicant chooses the format for their application. We have had stickers designed, essays written, videos shot, and someone even translated a website into Spanish! The one that exhibits the most passion goes. Creativity and multiple submissions are encouraged.

What would you do for the Abingdon Foundation that will prove to us that you are the one we should bring with us? You want the Abingdon Foundation to support you by flying you out, putting you up in a hotel, buying your registration to the conference; we want you to support us in return! Use your natural talents and skills to make your application stand out. When this sponsorship was awarded by The Abingdon Co., past winners have designed a sticker that is now included with every product – it has become a key branding staple. Another past winner translated The Abingdon Co.’s website into Spanish so that more people in their country could learn about The Abingdon Co. in their native language. These are the types of applications we love. You have a talent that makes you shine. What is that talent or skill that you possess that you can use to support the Abingdon Foundation?

Apply Today

We are currently accepting submissions for all Sponsorships. Please complete your application at hello@abingdonfoundation.org. Submission deadlines are listed below. We will announce the winner for each sponsorship 14 days after the due date. This sponsorship is awarded internationally and there are no pre-requisites like flight time, resumes, or accomplishments that are required. Just send in whatever type of application you want (documents, presentations, essays, poems, photos, videos, etc.) and if you have an actual product to send us, please email us for further instructions. GOOD LUCK!

Application Due Dates:

2018 WAI Conference (Aviation Industry) – 2018 Sponsorship already awarded

2018 Heli Expo (Helicopter Industry) – 2018 Sponsorship already awarded

2018 DEMA (SCUBA Dive Industry) – 2018 Sponsorship already awarded

2019 Heli Expo (Helicopter Industry) – 2019 Sponsorship unawarded

2019 WAI Conference (Aviation Industry) – 2019 Sponsorship already awarded

2019 DEMA (SCUBA Dive Industry) – 08/13/2019 23:59 PST

2019 Motorsports Show (Motorsports Industry) – TBD

2019 Survival Course (Outdoor Tactical and/or Nautical Industries) – 2019 TBD