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Book Giveaway

Volume 4: Space

Book Giveaway! Anytime before May 15, 2021, if you like and share, or like and tag a friend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win this “SPACE” Brilliant Activity Book. We’ll contact the winner via DM and announce the winner on social media. RULES: The winner will be randomly drawn. You must be following Abingdon Foundation on the social media site you enter the giveaway on. Like the post. Tag a friend or share. Unlimited entries. This promotion is not associated with any social media site or organization other than Abingdon Foundation. The winner will be announced on May 15, 2021!

Love the book? We’d love to hear from you. Got great ideas for future editions? Give us a shout. Stay tuned for a special Volume 5 coming soon! 

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STEAM Book Series

Volume 3: Aviation for KidsVolume 2: AviationVolume 4: SpaceVolume 1: STEAMCheck out the full series of BRILLIANT Activity Books on Amazon.

Abingdon Foundation has a series of STEAM activity books! They are full-size magazine layout books available on Amazon. There are 50+ activities in each book for you (and the kids!) to enjoy, and even more content devoted to explaining STEAM, inspiring creativity, and learning about careers and hobbies you might not even know exist. 

There is so much to do in STEAM, from manufacturing to outdoor adventures to coding to racing and more. Whether you have a STEAM hobby, interest, or passion, this book is for you. It makes a perfect gift for your STEAM buddy or protogée. And it’s great for kids and adults alike because the games are of varying levels of difficulty. You won’t get bored- it’s too creative! And you won’t be stumped because we include an answer key so you’ll have full knowledge of these subjects. 


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What It’s Like to Be a Scholarship Winner

How does it feel to be a winner of “It’s About Time” Scholarship from the Abingdon Foundation?

By Kateryna Sikulska

My experience during virtual Women in Aviation International (WAI) conference 2021:

Kate with her original artwork

First of all, this scholarship is unlike many others and not awarded in cash. “It’s about time” scholarship provides full financial support for attending annual conferences in STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics) fields, mentoring, networking, and assistance to see all of the different avenues in a particular area. Applicants are not required to be experienced in that industry but should be passionate and genuinely interested. Moreover, you choose the application format. Multiple ideas and creativity are encouraged. Still, it must be something that Abingdon Foundation can further utilize to promote their mission to empower and accelerate the female pursuit of more than just STEAM fields.

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