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Congratulations on Our Gold Seal of Transparency!

Did you know that because nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying taxes, everything about their operations can be accessed by the public? Why would you want to access the financials for a nonprofit? Because if you were considering making a donation, you may want to know if 80% of their donations received are going to administrative costs or towards their mission. Most people want their money to go towards the mission of the organization rather than the salaries of employees or administrative costs.

The largest and most prominent group that helps you find out about non-profits is called Guidestar. Their goal is to provide high quality information about US non-profits so that people can better decide who they want to support, donate to, or volunteer for an organization that falls in line with their values. They gather and organize the information for over 2.7 Million nonprofits - including Abingdon Foundation!

For res…

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My Experience at the 2019 Women in Aviation International Conference

Written by: Yasna Taieb

I am incredibly honored to be able to share my experience after having attended the 2019 Women in Aviation International Conference this past March through the Abingdon Foundation’s It’s About Time Scholarship. I came across the Abingdon Foundation on Instagram, and immediately googled them to learn more. After exploring their website, I read about all of the remarkable women who comprise of the Abingdon team and continue to build the Foundation through their diligence and experience. The Abingdon Foundation exists to empower females in non-traditional fields of STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. After more research, I came across the It’s About Time Scholarship and immediately knew that I wanted to apply once I read the application criteria. The scholarship asks applicants to submit a creative submission, which I believe is great idea as it does not limit the content of the applications –your application is wh…

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The Importance of Applying for Scholarships

This post was written by Dr. Bethany Miller

What Happens When a Scholarship Goes Unused?

This year, the first full year of Abingdon Foundation, we gave away three fully-funded, all-inclusive scholarships to attend industry conferences. Our winners were women from the fields of helicopter aviation, general aviation, and Scuba diving. They were flown from their homes in Colorado, South Africa, and Tennessee. They were provided full entry to Heli-Expo, the Women in Aviation conference, and DEMA (the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) Scuba diving show. Their hotel and transportation costs were covered. They networked with industry peers and professionals. They gathered memories for a lifetime. They created innovative works of art, mentorship and advocacy programs, and educational tools that will be used in the future by Abingdon Foundation. They are now influencing the next generation of women pursuing nontraditional careers in STEAM fields. …

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