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Announcing our new book!

Brilliant: Activity Book Volume 1: STEAM Games to Inspire & Motivate

Abingdon Foundation has created our first ever STEAM activity book! This is a full-size magazine layout book available on Amazon. There are 50 activities for you to enjoy, and even more content devoted to explaining STEAM, inspiring creativity, and learning about careers and hobbies you might not even know exist. 

There is so much to do in STEAM, from manufacturing to outdoor adventures to coding to racing and more. Whether you have a STEAM hobby, interest, or passion, this book is for you. It makes a perfect gift for your STEAM buddy or protogée. And it’s great for kids and adults alike because the games are of varying levels of difficulty. You won’t get bored- it’s too creative! And you won’t be stumped because we include an answer key so you’ll have full knowledge of these subjects. 

This educational initiative is the first in a future se…

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Meet Our 2021 WAI Scholarship Winner: Kateryna Sikulska

"My name is Kateryna Sikulska. I am a 26-year-old aviation lover from Ukraine, currently living in Florida. After six years of tailoring and fashion design, I decided to change my career path and become a pilot. To get into aviation, I started working in Turkish Airline’s customer service. It was the only job I could find in my city related to aviation that did not require previous experience. Being from a non-English-speaking country, I significantly improved my English skills while working with customers worldwide. Furthermore, I started to make paintings of aircrafts to express my passion for aviation and earn extra money for my future flight training. It is a great pleasure for me to become an inspiration for others while sharing my art on Instagram and making videos on YouTube. Thanks to my creative side, I am honored to be noticed by Abingdon Foundation as a winner for the “It’s about time scholarship”. As I recently moved to the US, this connection is a precious …

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My Experience at the Women in Aviation Conference

By scholarship winner Chelsea Montgomery

2020 WAI Scholarship Winner Chelsea Montgomery

I am so honored to be able to share my experiences after having attended the 2020 Women in Aviation (WAI) International Conference this past March through the Abingdon Foundation’s It’s About Time Scholarship. After finding out about the It’s About Time Scholarship through Facebook, I knew it was an opportunity I did not want to pass up. Ever since my first Women in Aviation Girls in Aviation Day at age sixteen, I have realized the importance of and felt very strongly about women in STEAM fields, especially aviation. I have taken the time to study past and present aviatrixes and admire Ruth Nichols for her impact of founding Relief Wings, Sally Ride for her contribution to aerospace science, Galina Korchuganova for keeping women active in aviation when men were pushing them out, Elinor Smith for being the youngest pilot at 16, and Amelia Earhart for her courage and wise word…

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