Meet Our 2021 WAI Scholarship Winner: Kateryna Sikulska

“My name is Kateryna Sikulska. I am a 26-year-old aviation lover from Ukraine, currently living in Florida. After six years of tailoring and fashion design, I decided to change my career path and become a pilot. To get into aviation, I started working in Turkish Airline’s customer service. It was the only job I could find in my city related to aviation that did not require previous experience. Being from a non-English-speaking country, I significantly improved my English skills while working with customers worldwide. Furthermore, I started to make paintings of aircrafts to express my passion for aviation and earn extra money for my future flight training. It is a great pleasure for me to become an inspiration for others while sharing my art on Instagram and making videos on YouTube. Thanks to my creative side, I am honored to be noticed by Abingdon Foundation as a winner for the “It’s about time scholarship”. As I recently moved to the US, this connection is a precious opportunity to get into the aviation and STEAM communities. I look forward to popularizing aviation and women’s representation in STEAM.”