Kids Science Labs

Kids Science Labs summer camps are all about connecting kids’ natural curiosity to the problem-solving, critical-thinking and creative design skills that real scientists depend on. […]
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Digivations Camp Demigod Institute

Digivations’ sleepaway camps, which take place outside Leavenworth, offer a multidisciplinary art and science curriculum designed around Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and fandom-mashup themes. Students […]
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Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy camps work the right and left sides of the brain equally with tech-heavy creative offerings ranging from filmmaking and animation to coding […]
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DigiPen Academy

At DigiPen Academy’s Project Fun summer workshops in Redmond, kids collaborate on tech-heavy, hands-on creative projects, such as video game design and programming, digital art […]
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coyote central

It’s not quite accurate to say that Coyote Central is an arts college for kids, but it’s close. Its 20-hour, project-based courses for tweens and […]
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Coding with Kids

Coding with Kids is a well-known national computer science academy that uses a progressive learning model called the Coder’s Ladder. Half-day summer camps in game […]
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BEAM Experiences

Born in Seattle by local architects and artists passionate about children’s education and creative play, BEAM Experiences offers hands-on guided learning for grades 1-8. Our […]
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