Men Supporting Women in STEAM Series

This post was written by Dr. Bethany Miller.

My Bottle Boss is our March Corporate Sponsor of the month. Shane Losee, the founder of the company, has a long history of supporting women in STEAM fields.

Shane Losee is a professional pilot, manufacturer, and entrepreneur. He’s a father and grandfather to bold girls, and he’s a mentor to many women in the aviation industry. Shane is the president and owner of My Bottle Boss, a unique bottle opener that’s ergonomically manufactured to make opening tough containers easier for everyone. He specifically sought input from women, flight attendants, bar staff, and others who have special concerns (like frequency of repetitive motion and smaller hands and torque strength) about opening bottles so that he could make a universal tool for everyone.

More than that, Shane is an advocate for aviation and women in STEAM fields. When he found out what we were doing at Abingdon Foundation right after our inception, he …

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