Announcing our new book!

Brilliant: Activity Book Volume 1: STEAM Games to Inspire & Motivate

Abingdon Foundation has created our first ever STEAM activity book! This is a full-size magazine layout book available on Amazon. There are 50 activities for you to enjoy, and even more content devoted to explaining STEAM, inspiring creativity, and learning about careers and hobbies you might not even know exist. 

There is so much to do in STEAM, from manufacturing to outdoor adventures to coding to racing and more. Whether you have a STEAM hobby, interest, or passion, this book is for you. It makes a perfect gift for your STEAM buddy or protogée. And it’s great for kids and adults alike because the games are of varying levels of difficulty. You won’t get bored- it’s too creative! And you won’t be stumped because we include an answer key so you’ll have full knowledge of these subjects. 

This educational initiative is the first in a future se…

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