Helping Children Succeed at Online Learning

Helping Children Succeed at Online Learning

by Deanna Morris-Stacey

School is out for millions of children nationwide as K-12 education shifts from the classroom to the internet. While many school districts are giving their teachers crash courses in online learning, parents also play a major role in ensuring that kids get a first-rate education.

Are you struggling to balance your day with supervising your child’s coursework?

Try these suggestions for providing the parental guidance and input your child needs.

Planning and Preparing

Your school may have sent your child home with devices and materials for completing their assignments. You’ll still need to provide structure and motivation.

Follow these strategies to develop an effective structure: Schedule your days. Stick to your usual routines as much as possible, including bedtimes and mealtimes. Let your child know you expect them to log in on time for cl…
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